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Only a few days back, Japanese industry heavyweights Atlus and Vanillaware made public an announcement teasing a collaborative project; with all the guesses of what it was, many people had agreed that it would be something related to the PlayStation 2 classic, Odin Sphere. Lo and behold, on the day of the reveal, we have just exactly that!ODIN SPHERE: LEIFDRASIRPlayStation®4 PlayStation® 3 PS®Vita [Action RPG] Release: JPN - Jan 14th, 2016Releasing next year on January 14th for a Japan only release, Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir will be out for all current Sony consoles. Not just a simple HD port, this remake revamps the much beloved PS2 Odin Sphere to match the tastes contemporary audiences.Originally out in 2007, players were blown away by the former as it set the precedent for any 2D game to follow, as well as set the standard of this genre for the time. As RPG that presented itself so beautifully with a melodramatic multiple POV story that matched the complex hand drawn art, here we had a living and breathing universe with giant sprites and even bigger themes.And while it was it easy for gamers to become entranced into this illustrated dream, there were however, a few ...[more]

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