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Blade Arcus from Shining EX is coming to PlayStation 3 & 4!

BLADE ARCUS FROM SHINING EXPlayStation®3 PlayStation®4 [Fighting]Sega is bringing its Shining series arcade fighting game entitled Blade Arcus from Shining to PlayStation home consoles, releasing this November in Japan!Blade Arcus from Shining EX is said to have a very dense story that revolves around the two protagonists, Ryuga and Pairon. While they will be the focus of the story expect to also see many of your favorite characters from the Shining series weaved throughout, as well as the possibility of new Shining characters being added specifically for the console release!The actual combat and gameplay during battles utilizes tag-based mechanics, where a player selects a primary character as well as a secondary character. Players can only switch between the two different characters during rounds, but can also call on their partner for help using 'Link Attacks'. First-print copies of either version will include the playable character Sonia from Shining Resonance. Original Arcade Roster:Ryuga (original character)Pairon Wong (original character)Rage (Shining Blade)Sakuya (Shining Blade)Altina (Shining Blade)Roselinde (Shining Blade)Fenrir (Shining Blade)Xiao-Mei (Shining Hearts)Melty (Shining Hearts)Isaac (Shining Hearts)Urayukihime Hayane (Shining Hearts)Rouna Murasame (Shining Hearts)Dylan Rowen (Shining Hearts)Rick Elwood (Shining Hearts)Tony Taka's Premium Fan Box:Tony Taka-illustrated special boxShining Heroine Works 40-page art bookShining Ark character 10-song CDShining Blade ...[more]

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