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IA/VT -Colorful- LE Crystal Box Price Drop! 113.99 -> 97.99!

It's been a long journey for IA/VT  -Colorful-, and this rhythm game has had more delays than Dr.Dre's Detox! Unlike the latter though, there is now a new release date, but we can imagine the hype has died after all this time. So to rekindle the flame, we've dropped the price on the Limited Edition Crystal Box to ease the pain of being patient for such a long time!IA / VT COLORFUL (CRYSTAL BOX)PlayStation®Vita [Rhythm] Release: June 25, 2015Another contender enters the fray for top virtual diva - IA is a Vocaloid starring in her new rhythm game for the Vita! Developed by Kenichiro Takaki who was previously the producer of the infamous Senran Kagura, IA has a definite edge on the competition!As with most console handheld rhythm games, players will be moving the analog sticks and pressing buttons in time with the tempo of musical notes. What makes IA/VT different is the dynamic feedback based on a player's performance - colors and more will change accordingly in the most fantastic of ways!Track wise, there are 60 different songs with some tracks featuring new exclusive music video background footage of the artists performing their songs. There will also be different play modes, with ...[more]

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