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Street Fighter V: New Challenger Necalli!

STREET FIGHTER VPlayStation 4, PC [Fighting] Release: March, 2016During the recent introduction of everyone's favorite rival Ken as a playable character for Street Fighter V, at the end of the video, there was a teaser flash of a foreboding face, and now we know who it is... Enter Necalli, a brand new fighter for the roster, and to describe him as visceral would be an understatement. Check the video above and see all the savage fury unfurl - Ken doesn't stand a chance at all!And for the fans, Capcom and Sony have been listening, and during the recent Capcom EVO 2015 Panel, details of the game were revealed - much to the pleasure of anyone who's bought several versions of previous SF iterations... (we're looking at you SFIV ಠ_ಠ)From the Sony US Blog:The initial release is the only disc you will ever need to ownAll balance and system adjustments will be available for freeAll post-launch gameplay related content will be earnable for free by playing the gameNow that's something we can all get behind, and you can read more here about earnable content! Stay tuned for more news on Street Fighter V, as each reveal makes this game even more and ...[more]

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