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Uncover online lies and join the flame wars in 'Net High' for PSVita!

NET HIGHPlayStation®Vita [Adventure] | RELEASE: November 26, 2015 [JPN]"Japanese citizens have an obligation to live fulfilling and healthy lives."The year is 20XX and the Japanese government has passed the "Neo Communications Act", a bill intended to alleviate the congested economy, declining birth rates, NEETs, and hikikomoris (reclusive adolescents or adults).Everyone is given an exclusive smartphones that uses the social network "Tweeter," which is largely how the population communicates, as well as a way for the government to judge you. The government supplies citizens with a special allowance based on social achievements like follower counts, being in a relationship, getting married, having children and so on. The end result is your riajuu (people who live fulfilling lives) ranking.However, what as meant to be a social utopia and "mankind's riajuu era" has devolved into a much harsher reality. Some successful 'riajuu' have monopolized all the wealth and followers - leaving the less popular individuals with an undesirable job and social status. How such individuals became so popular is a mystery, one of the many online lies and mysteries you will seek to uncover throughout the game.The one who will be leading the charge against e-lies is Oreshi, a non-riajuu and unambitious boy, ...[more]

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