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Criminal Girls 2: It Takes A Hell Of A Lotta Pain To Get Into Heaven

DISCLAIMER: The following video shows NSFW material especially related to BDSM elements.CRIMINAL GIRLS 2 - FIRST PRINT & LIMITED EDITIONPS®VITA [JRPG] Release: November 26th, 2015Considered as the final destination for some, Hell is a place of no escape - unless one decides to submit themselves through punishments of repentance...In Criminal Girls 2, you are an adviser of Hell that controls the fates of 7 girls - bad and naughty sinners in their own rights. They must follow your every beck and call as you guide them through Hell's devious “Resurrection” Rehabilitation Program taking place in the Tower of Hell.Of course, nothing is ever that smooth, especially if it concerns the underworld; each girl has their own unique personality - some shy, some lewd, some vivacious, and each has a dark past to uncover; you must steel yourself and commit to bringing these girls around through the only way you know how: saucy punishments masquerading as motivational sessions!As the sequel to Criminal Girls: Invitation, this Japanese version retains the uncensored punishment experience and is upgraded from the former in everyway; punishment scenes are now more imaginative, as the situations and positions the girls are in are a lot more novel, and all scenes ...[more]

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